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Tom Orent
To: Dr. Cliff Sheats
Re: Your presentation at my SuperConference

Dear Cliff,

Where do I begin? Your presentation was amazing as always. You took the honors when it comes to being THE TOP CROWD PLEASER of my dozen speakers! That's pretty impressive considering some of the other big names like baseball hall of famer Cal Ripken, Jr., Grocery Industry Empire builder Mr. Stew Leonard, Jr, and more.

The fact that they MOBBED you at the end of your presentation is a great indication that they simply can't get enough of your information. Funny thing is that this was your fourth (or fifth!?) time back on my stage and they still pack the seats right before your introduction no matter what else is happening in or outside of the venue at that moment.

On a more personal note, I want to thank you for what your information and guidance has done for me personally. We met 7 or 8 years ago. Back then I was 6'2", 212 pounds and in my late 40's. I'd been in Weight Watchers, Nutri-System, and every other "diet" you can imagine. My weight would drop a bit then rise more than it dropped. Classic dieting yo-yo.

Until I met you I had no idea that "diets" simply don't work. Metabolically they make no sense, and psychologically they are poison. As a high level competitive volleyball player I was more than frustrated with the direction my body was taking. Today, almost 54 years old, I'm back at my high school weight of 175 pounds (still 6'2"!) and am in the best shape of my life! In fact, I went to see my physician a few weeks ago. He's internal medicine and cardiology. He says (this is a direct word for word quote), "Tom, I don't know what you've been doing over the last few years but whatever it is must be working! Keep it up, you're in GREAT SHAPE!"

Your ability to instantly connect with an audience and then keep them captivated for the entire length of your presentation makes you one of my all-time favorite speakers to put on any program, small or large. If you ever have a meeting planner who would like to speak with me personally I would be more than happy to oblige.

Thanks for everything you do for the health, happiness and longevity of my meeting attendees, and for my family and me personally.

Warm regards,

Cliff Sheats
September 6, 2011

To whom this may concern:

I am honored to write this letter recommending H. Clifton Sheats, PhD, CCN, DANLA to be a presenter at your conference. It is rare to find such an exceptional professional whose career aspirations have led him to be an author, entrepreneur, transformational trainer, professional speaker and success coach.

Dr. Sheats' communication skills are superb. His ability to assimilate and integrate massive amounts of information and then craft it into a compelling presentation is phenomenal. I know that he will be a valuable speaker asset for any business, institution or organization conference he presents with. He is an outstanding resource for any event, business or organization to take advantage of.

Dr. Sheats has pursued his interest in the fields of sports nutrition and clinical nutrition with a fervor and determination I rarely encounter. His passion to help others and make a difference has been demonstrated over and over by his constant speaking to and leading workshops for non-profit organizations. I am totally confident in recommending him as a speaker or trainer for your organization.


Kevin P. Henry
IAACN Executive Director
Dr. Cliff Sheats Lean Bodies
(972) 712-4300