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After being on your nutrition and workout program for only 9 months, YOU ARE MY HERO. As you know I had a quadruple bypass in February of 1999. From that time until now I had been taking Lipitor and Toprol to keep my blood pressure and cholesterol under control. Recently, I went to my heart Doctor for my annual checkup. The results were outstanding. After seeing these results my doctor has taken me completely off of Lipitor and cut my Toprol in half. You can clearly understand why I will recommend your program to everyone I meet. BECAUSE, IT WORKS! --- Carl Wheeler, businessman, Dallas TX

It was EASY... I lost 30 pounds! --- Lisa Bilyea, homemaker, Arlington, TX

When I met you last year I had just turned 35. While this should be the prime of life for most people, I felt terrible. In fact, I couldn't work. I saw many Doctors and had almost every imaginable medical test done. All were negative. Except one... The test was Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) and it was performed May 1, 2003. Bad News... At the age of 35, I was already showing signs of coronary heart disease. In fact Dr. Duncan said that I would likely die by the age of 45 if I did not do something about it. Luckily, I heard you on the radio. I called you and we talked and even though I could barely get out of bed I made it to your office two times a week and we worked on conditioning, my diet and we added supplements to the program. The Results? On May 14, 2004 one year after the initial EBT and 6 months after starting your program I am happy to communicate the following: That the Plaque in my arteries is virtually GONE! Dr. John Duncan the former head of Cardiology research for the Cooper Institute said to me that he has never seen anything like this. He told me he has seen thousands of patients and I am the ONLY ONE who almost Eliminated Plaque entirely from my arteries. And for all those skeptics out there I have left copies of both reports for people to see. Furthermore, on your Eating and Exercise program I lost 20 pounds of FAT and gained 20 pounds of muscle in 1 year! I am saving anyone who reads this time and money. I already found the answer and the answer is Dr. Cliff Sheats and I have the scientific proof to back up that claim. --- David Melrose, Mortgage Company Owner, Frisco, TX

After all my testing, I had my consultation with Dr. Sheats. His first question was...Do you feel depressed? I told him everything I've told all the other doctors. He said that all my amino acids were so low which is an indication of depression. There you have it. Easy as that. Within one month, I had my happiness, my energy, and my zest of life back. This involved changing my diet and taking supplements that were exactly what my body was lacking. Now it is just a way of life and I have an attitude about it! --- Katie Marr, homemaker, Chicago IL

Two and a half years ago I had a 40 inch waist. I was DEPRESSED with low energy and eating hot wings at midnight. I started the Lean Bodies program at 2,000 calories and started working out with weights just like Cliff teaches. Today, I have a 32 inch waist and I'm EATING 3,500 calories a day. I've become a Certified Professional Trainer. --- Jason Thompson, Personal Trainer, Plano, TX

At the end of 3 months, I lost 18 pounds and 10% body fat. Prior to starting the program I had gone for a routine physical. Through tests they had found that one of my liver functions was abnormally elevated. I was told I should be tested every 2-3 months to see if there were any changes. Well, there were no changes for the next 8 months. Why was this liver level so elevated? No one knew. We tested for hepatitis, etc. All tests were negative. Then I started the Lean Bodies program. Three weeks into the program it was once again time for more tests. There was one change this time however... My Liver Test was COMPLETELY NORMAL, along with a big drop in Cholesterol. --- Lisa Lattman, homemaker, Dallas TX

Lean Bodies has helped me get in, what may be the best shape of my life. I have gone from 24% to 16% body fat in 6 months by eating on the Lean Bodies program and personal training twice a week. The eating program is easy, just eat the items off the grocery list they give you in the amounts and combinations that they recommend for you. Since you are eating 5 times a day, you are never hungry. --- Trey 45, businessman, Richardson, TX

Not only have I lost 39 lbs (!) and feel fantastic, I have stopped craving sweets and I am never hungry. All my friends want to know my dieting secret, and they are incredulous when I tell them that I eat all day long... but it's true, and you can't argue with success! --- Andrea Lucas, Ashburn, VA

I just want to say Cliff thank you so much, your system has changed my life... and to anyone out there who wants to become a different person, to improve their health and their mind, this will... there's no maybe it will work, this will work for you if you use the system, believe in it, because it works. I'm not dieting anymore, I'm living! --- Judy Friedman, businesswoman, Dallas, TX

As an athlete, I have been concerned about the physical body all my life. But being healthy and active is more than exercise, it is also good nutrition and controlling fat. Cliff Sheats helps us find this type of balance through his Lean Bodies approach. --- Roger Staubach, businessman and former Dallas Cowboy

I've got so much more energy it's amazing. I never thought I'd choose to eat healthy. I have lost 33 pounds in 2 months. --- Terry Harris, Dallas TX

By combining current studies and clinical experience, Cliff Sheats is effectively dismantling the foundation of caloric reduction diets. Cliff is bringing sanity to a diet-crazed society that exults appearance over health and quick fixes over lifestyle changes. --- Robert Peters, M.D.

I started with Dr. Cliff more than 2 years ago and I've lost 104 pounds and I'm still keeping it off. --- Jeremie Crawford, musician, Dallas TX

The Lean Bodies program links science and nutrition to athletic performance. --- Dennis Ralston, U.S. Davis Cup Coach, Coach for Chris Evert

Cliff is an inspirational force for my own nutritional well being, as well as a guide to help me teach others about their personal eating habits. --- Bob King, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Dallas Mavericks

What can I say about Dr. Cliff Sheats that hasn't been said? I truly owe him my life. I had thrown in towel. I was overweight, had no energy, and had lost my focus and concentration. I heard Cliff on the radio one day, and liked what he was saying to me. I decided to pick up his book, and give the program a try. After a year I had lost 80 pounds, and at age 41, am in the best physical shape of my life. No longer do my five children wear me down... I wear them down! Thank you Cliff --- John C., businessman, Princeton, TX

When I came to see you I was eating what would be considered a healthy diet. I had a very acidic stomach. I ate Rolaids like candy! I was very gassy - I was always tired. I would take a nap any time I sat in my recliner, and had to nap at lunchtime. I was putting on fat around my stomach and gaining weight. The results were amazing!! I started immediately and within 3 days I was not eating antacids and the gas problem diminished. Within 7-10 days both problems seemed to vanish plus I was less and less tired. I also noticed my clothes starting to fit better and over he next 3 months lost 16 lbs. and the cortisol fat disappeared! --- Joe Piellucci, Financial Consultant, Plano, TX

Upon my wife's urging, I came to LEAN BODIES. I had reached an all-time high of 315 pounds. After 13 weeks on the program, I weighed in at 269. I've lost 80 pounds and my waist measurement has gone from 52" to 42"! --- Ed Hayes, Dallas TX

I was 430 pounds when Dr. Cliff helped me lose 150 pounds and 16 inches off my waist. I've never felt better in my life. --- Mark Maurer

In the time span of about a year and a half my weight dropped from 250 pounds to 175 pounds, and my 42" waistline was reduced to 34". Thanks so much Dr. Cliff! --- Carl Tierney, Dallas TX

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