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How to Live 15 Years Younger in 90 Days!
Your Personal Solution... to the Healthcare Crisis
(Keynote or 1/2 Day Presentation)

Dr. Sheats will motivate your audience with his passion for vibrant health. In short, he demonstrates how professionals can combat the physiologic and psychological stresses of managing a business so they can live longer and function at a biological age 15 years younger than their chronological age!

  • Change Your Chemistry, Change Your Body, Change Your Life!
  • How to EAT to Boost Metabolism and Demolish Inflammation
  • Most Americans Manage Their Health with Drugs Alone... Discover a Revolutionary Solution via Biotransformation.
  • Are you following the misconception that you're 'too old' for a healthy metabolism, toned muscle and a lean physique? Biotransformation disagrees.
  • Sneak a Peak at a futuristic protocol for real wellness
  • ENTIRE Audience Participation: Dr. Cliff demonstrates muscle isolation techniques for real results FAST.
  • 'Toss out' the lightweight weapons and attack your health enemies with the full force of hi-tech science.
  • Astonishing truths about Mental Decline, Lack of Energy and Heart Disease... what Science Says and what it doesn't Say.
  • Are you ONLY Matching A Drug to a Diagnosis?
  • How a visit to your health food store can be pure guesswork
  • What are YOU doing that is alarmingly similar to bloodletting in the 1800's?
Dr. Cliff Sheats Lean Bodies
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